Gozza - The Boom Box Incident
Gozza's Lost Archives
Presented by Earthmovers Records

Digging deep into the EarthMovers Records Secret Vault, G-O-Double has discovered an amazing treasure trove of lost songs. Dusty fingers polished up these previously unreleased joints from Gozza and Artfull Dodgers. Plus raw cuts from the Cast Iron Project Recorded in the early 2000's which was a Super Group made up of Artfull Dodgers and Detroit's Rising Sunz. Also included are rarities from Top Dollar Defeat, D-Madness, DJ SirReal, Origix DC, and Aborted Rap. Bonus guest appearances by Juice, Polk Frost of Project Born, Aslaam, Vince from Natives of the New Dawn, and more. Enjoy these relics of Michigan Hip Hop History.
1. I'm Coming by Gozza 1:34 - Download
2. You Gotta Believe by Gozza Ft Aslaam and Polk Frost 4:04 - Download
3. Amazing by Top Dollar Defeat 3:44 - Download
4. What's Next? by Artfull Dodgers 2:30 - Download
5. Royal Rumble by Cast Iron Ft Juice 3:31 - Download
6. Barbarians by D-Madness Ft Artfull Dodgers 3:21 - Download
7. Ben Stein by Aborted Rap 4:26 - Download
8. SirReal Cast Iron Intro by DJ SirReal 2:16 - Download
9. The Heist by Cast Iron 4:57 - Download
10. Cursed by Artfull Dodgers Ft PMC 3:04 - Download
11. All The Time by Origix and DC Ft Gozza 3:36 - Download
12. Turntables Dumptrucks by Cast Iron Ft D-Madness 3:24 - Download
13. I'm The Man by Jackpot Ft D-Madness and Gozza 4:04 - Download
14. Music Is So Alive by Cast Iron 5:28 - Download