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Top Dollar Defeat by Born Lethal
Born Lethal Presents The Expendables by Top Dollar Defeat. Mega Hip Hop powers join forces to create the ultimate Super Group. Consisting of Gozza, Jozi Whalez, DJ Zac Carter, Aborted Rap, Knucklez, Jackpot, and Aslaam. A posse cut beat down showcasing various voices and styles over EarthMoving production.
Top Dollar Defeat
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The Lost Archives by Gozza
Digging deep into the EarthMovers Records Secret Vault, G-O-Double has discovered an amazing treasure trove of lost songs. Dusty fingers polished up these previously unreleased joints from Gozza and Artfull Dodgers. Plus raw cuts from Super Crews Cast Iron and Top Dollar Defeat.
Gozza's Lost Archives
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The Boom Box Incident by Gozza
It's a Festivus Miracle!! A Hip Hop tribute to Seinfeld, brought to you by Gozza and DJ Zac Carter. A unique mix of bars and beats, samples and scratches, for the Seinfeld fans and Hip Hop heads.
The Boom Box Incident
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Resurrecterz by Born Lethal
Gozza and Jozi Whalez bring the latest release from Born Lethal - Resurrecterz of the Lost Art Mixtape: Vol 1. Digging in the crates and rocking some of their favorite classic Hip Hop instrumentals. A lyrical display delivered with rapid fire flows.

Born Lethal
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The ZZ Movement Mixtape by Gozza
"The ZZ Movement Mixtape" is here. A fresh batch of new music from G-O-Double Zig Zag. Featuring Appearances by D-Madness, Brainstorm, Polk Frost, Jozi Whalez, Faze Blue le'goon, WarPath, Aborted Rap, and DJ Psycho.
Zig Zag Movement Mixtape
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The Brady Bunch Mixtape by Gozza
A raw collection of remixes, snippets, and originals! With DJ Zack Daniels live on two turntables, mixing it up and dropping fresh scratches. This is a real mixtape, blended and mixed with precision by DJ Zack.
The Brady Bunch Mixtape
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Artfull DJ Highlights by DJ Psycho and Zack Daniels
Gozza is proud to share some highlights from the underground mixtapes released by the legendary Artfull DJ squad consisting of DJ Psycho and DJ Zack Daniels. Witness two veteran DJs mix it up on two turntables with fresh scratches and exclusive mixes.
Zig Zag
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Artfully Crafted EP by Artfull Dodgers
Recorded over the last few years and produced by Gozza and DJ Psycho for EarthMovers/IMW. Appearances by Tino of the Howling Diablos, Aborted Rap, and Pathway Brigante of the CSI crew.
Artfully Crafted EP by Artfull Dodgers
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The Scare House EP by Jozi Whalez
My Long Time Friend And Born Lethal Partner Gives You This 7 Track e.p. Of HardCore Bangers!!! With Appearances By Gozza, Aslaam Mahdi & DJ Zac Carter... Production By Gozza,RCH Productions,J.M. of (Unorthodox) & Stonewall...
The Scare House
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