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Scorpion Dragon 76 by Gozza
The Scorpion Dragon 76 has awakened. Skilled MC/DJ/Producer Gozza has unleashed the Beast. 15 tracks of savage Hip Hop crafted to dominate the planet. Razor sharp lyrics and flow matched with hard hitting beats. Produced entirely by the mad genius Gozza. With special guests Dice (theneighborhoodshittalka), Project Born, Manchild (of Mars Ill), Kovax, Shanrock, D-Fro, Jozi Whalez, Pharlon, and Donuts with Dad.

Scorpion Dragon 76
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Here Comes Trouble by Gozza
The debut solo album from Gozza! Ill rhymes matched with sonic Boom Bap. Gozza handles the majority of the production himself with a little help from Bangtown, Aztek the Barfly, DJ Psycho, and Eminem's producer Joe Strange on the beats. Featuring appearances by Theory, Pharlon, Jackpot, Aslaam, Tatiana, and Brainstorm of the Starving Artists Crew.

Here Comes Trouble
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Zig Zag by Gozza
The Golden Era killing machine is back! Gozza's second album is his most aggressive and personal offering! Crushing rappers and delivering his rugged rapid fire flow and complex word play - ZIG ZAG style! Includes a healthy dose of Gozza's Earth Moving Beats and production from Mr. Slate, Pharlon, Mike Case, and Slattery. Featuring appearances by Project Born, Manchild of Mars Ill, Jackpot, Jozi Whalez, Pharlon, and beautiful songstress Corrin Barnett.

Zig Zag
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Distorted Life by Gozza & Jozi Whalez
Gozza and Jozi Whalez join forces as Born Lethal to unleash their new album Distorted Life. Live guitars come together with rugged production on this raw and deeply personal album unlike anything from this crew. Featuring hard hitting beats from Gozza with musicians Justin Slattery and Ryan Huntley. Featuring appearances by Frank Nitty of Project Born, Aborted Rap, DJ Zack Daniels and Darwin's Failure.

Distorted Life
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Tales Of A Strange Tomorrow by Gozza & Slattery
Psychedelic Hip Hop and Blues Rock Opera concept album from Gozza and Slattery. A bone chilling story of a possible future involving corrupt Government, chemical weapons, a zombie apocalypse, and an adventure of space travel in hopes to save and protect the human race.

Tales Of A Strange Tomorrow
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