The Boom Box Incident

Artfully Crafted

Artist: Artfull Dodgers
Label: Earthmovers Records

… Psychedelic recording sessions from the post Credenza Dodgers. Grimy Boom Bap produced by Gozza and DJ Psycho with a nice blend of live instrumentation thrown in. Featuring appearances by Tino of the Howling Diablos, Aborted Rap, and Pathway Brigante. Share it with your friends, and bump it loud! Produced by Gozza and DJ Psycho for EarthMovers/IMW.

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‣ Artfully Crafted …  
1. Catch You Up To Speed 4:07
2. Inparticular 2:35
3. Robots 2:44
4. One Single Rhyme 2:14
5. Table Talk 4:36
6. Really Good 3:01