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Off The Credenza

Artist: Artfull Dodgers
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… The Artfull Dodgers' third full length album has Gozza handling the majority of the production and the introduction of DJ Psycho into the group. A more mature sound emerges as the Dodgers perfect their formula for classic Hip Hop. Featuring guests J.U.I.C.E, Tino of the Howling Diablos, SirReal, Aslaam Mahdi.

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‣ Off The Credenza Tracks …  
1. Intro
2. Take a Look Around Music Video
3. Remember
4. Dodgers Gone Psycho  
5. Bait Shop Boogie  
6. Avalanche Advance  
7. Majestic Mics  
8. Artfull Dodgers VS Aslaam Mahdi  
9. Ain't That a Bitch  
10. No More Pain Free Track!  
11. Love My Life  
12. Hip Hop Style  
13. Horseshoes and Grenades  
14.Impeccable B1 Freestyle  
15. B-B Butcher Music Video
16. Knuckle Heads  
17. Interlude  
18. Breaking News  
19. Close Your Eyes  
20. State of Michigan  
21. Dodge Ball  
22. Oh What A Night  
23. My Opinion Free Track!  
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