Born Lethal - The Album Cover

Born Lethal - The Album

Artist: Born Lethal
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… Jozi Whalez and Gozza join forces as Born Lethal to unleash The Album. Live guitars come together with rugged production on this raw and deeply personal album unlike anything from this crew. Featuring hard hitting beats from Gozza with musicians Justin Slattery and Ryan Huntley. Featuring appearances by Frank Nitty of Project Born, Aborted Rap, DJ Zack Daniels and Darwin's Failure.


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‣ The Album Tracks …  
1. Incarcerated
2. Another Sin … Gozza Remix Featuring Mastamind  
3. Blown Away Who is it?
4. Side Guy  
5. Puff The Magic Dragon … Featuring DJ Zack Carter  
6. How Many Ways … Featuring Aborted Rap  
7. Lost Boys  
8. Left Behind  
9. Three Gun Slingers … Featuring Frank Nitty  
10. Say Your Prayers  
11. Aim At Your Carcass  
12. Hard Rain … Featuring Aborted Rap, Knucklez, Jackpot, and D-Madness  
13. Nothing Can Save You  
14. Busted  
15. Magic Man  
16. StoneFist Heavyweights  
17. World Alone  
18. Walking Away  
19. Another Sin … Featuring Mastamind  
20. Midwest Illa  
21. Outro  
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