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Born Lethal

Gozza and Jozi Whalez join forces as Born Lethal!

Born Lethal History …

Born Lethal Friends and professional colleagues since their earliest collabos on the Artfull Dodgers' Lazy Eyes album, these MCs always had natural chemistry and worked well together. Both leaders of successful groups they toured together doing countless shows and recording several songs over the years.

In 2006 the collaboration became official with the release of their album Haim Or Feldman: Some Guys Get All the Breaks. Positive feedback and their mutual love for creating music, the two continued working together and recorded three more underground albums Top Dollar Defeat, Stone Fist Heavyweights, and Distorted Life. Through the process of making these albums the duo perfected their own unique sound with hard hitting grimy beats, rapid flows, and deeply personal lyrical content. Evidence of the original Born Lethal sound can be heard in their project The Album which is almost a greatest hits from the crew featuring the best songs from the earlier albums and a collaboration with iconic Detroit Rapper Mastamind of the successful group Natas with OG Esham. Continuing to work together on their solo efforts as well as more new music from the group, Gozza and Jozi are dedicated to showcasing the Born Lethal sound to the world.


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