Distorted Life Cover

Stone Fist Heavyweights

Artist: Born Lethal
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… Born Lethal is a new project by Jozi Whalez and Gozza. It features production by Gozza, DJ Fish, Johnny Mnemonic, and DJ Psycho. Also appearance by Aborted Rap, DJ Zack Daniels, Aslaam Mahdi, G.Que and more! Grimy underground Hip Hop with an experimental rock style. This album is like nothing you've ever heard from this camp.

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‣ Stone Fist Heavyweights Tracks …  
1. Stone Fist Heavyweights
2. Mid-West Illa  
3. No Body
4. How Many Ways Free Track!  
5. Address 325  
6. Better Off Dead  
7. Strange World  
8. Honorable Mention  
9. Time Bomb Ticking  
10. Look At Us Now  
11. Top Of The World Free Track!  
12. Aim At Your Carcus  
13. Sandman  
14. Misery Loves Company  
15. Cinema Style  
16. No Escape  
Get The CD ⁃ $14.00
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