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Artist: Gozza
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… A collaboration between Gozza & Aslaam Mahdi. The entire album is laced with Gozza's soulful and raw production with DJ Psycho and the Real Action Figures providing scratches and cuts. Aslaam and Gozza's profound lyrical stylings are the perfect addition for this creative experimental project.

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‣ Tales of A Strange Tomorrow Tracks …  
1. Intro  
2. Science Non-Fiction  
3. Goz and the G-O-D  
4. Goliath Free Track!  
5. Flows Be Tight Music Video
6. One Million  
7. Interlude  
8. Get On Down  
9. Don Juan DeMarco  
10. Pros and Cons Free Track!  
11. Ask Yourself  
12. Outro  
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