Tales of a Strange Tomorrow Cover

Tales of A Strange Tomorrow

Artist: Gozza
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… Psychedelic Hip Hop and Blues Rock Opera concept album from Gozza and Slattery. A bone chilling story of a possible future involving corrupt Government, chemical weapons, a zombie apocalypse, and an adventure of space travel in hopes to save and protect the human race.

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‣ Tales of A Strange Tomorrow Tracks …  
1. Tales of A Strange Tomorrow  
2. State of the Nation Free Track!  
3. Fruits of Their Labor  
4. Events at the Front  
5. Virus Spreading  
6. Zombie Walk  
7. Escape the Mutant Hord  
8. Get Them Off Me  
9. Discovering the Scientists  
10. Examining the Rocket  
11. Pre Flight  
12. Orbit Desaturation  
13. Cyborg Replacements  
14. Automated Response Observer  
15. Touch Down Free Track!  
16. Gliese 586b  
17. Transmogification  
18. Genetic Enabling Factor  
19. Space Colonial Utopia Act  
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