Scorpion Dragon 76 Cover

Scorpion Dragon 76

Artist: Gozza
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… Razor sharp lyrics and flow matched with hard hitting beats with special guests Dice, Project Born, Manchild, Kovax, Shanrock, D-Fro, Jozi Whalez, Pharlon, and Donuts with Dad.

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‣ Scorpion Dragon 76 Tracks …  
1. The Harryhausen Method  
2. Chronic and Kegs  
3. Roll With The Punches  
4. Hank McCoy  
5. Rap Bastard … Featuring Project Born and Dice  
6. Where's Yo DJ At?  
7. Suite Sol Cypha … Featuring Kovax and Shanrock  
8. Shit Happens Music Video
9. What's Up Cool Music Video
10. Rumble Fish … Featuring Manchild  
11. Killing Machine  
12. Back To The Future … Featuring Jozi Whalez and Pharlon  
13. Sao Paulo  
14. Michigan Music Free Track Featuring D-Fro and Donuts with Dad  
15. Dustyn D-Fro  
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