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Here Comes Trouble

Artist: Gozza
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… The debut solo album from Gozza! Ill rhymes matched with sonic Boom Bap. Gozza handles the majority of the production himself with a little help from Bangtown, Aztek the Barfly, DJ Psycho, and Eminem's producer Joe Strange on the beats. Featuring appearances by Theory, Pharlon, Jackpot, Aslaam, Tatiana, and Brainstorm of the Starving Artists Crew.

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‣ Here Comes Trouble Tracks …  
1. Here Comes Trouble Music Video
2. Nothing Bumps Harder  
3. Out of the Dark  
4. Time  
5. Brady Bunch  
6. Beautiful Thing  
7. Our Day Will Come  
8. Real Life Lovely  
9. Tearing Me Apart  
10. Constant Madness  
11. Bloody Turntables  
12. Violent Temper  
13. ShoNuff  
14. Not The Same  
15. Drive Faster  
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