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Artist: Gozza
Label: EarthMovers Records
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… Includes a healthy dose of Gozza's Earth Moving Beats and production from Mr. Slate, Pharlon, Mike Case, and Slattery. Featuring appearances by Project Born, Manchild of Mars Ill, Jackpot, Jozi Whalez, Pharlon, and beautiful songstress Corrin Barnett. Crushing rappers and delivering his rugged rapid fire flow and complex word play ZIG-ZAG style!

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‣ Zig-Zag Tracks …  
1. Take A Stand  
2. State of Emergency  
3. Zig-Zag Music Video
4. Anything You Want  
5. Soul is Free  
6. Difficult Life  
7. Very Bad Things  
8. Underground  
9. Understand  
10. Angels in the Sky  
11. The Ol' In and Out  
12. Beyond Beyond  
13. Bedrock Beatdown  
14. King Kong vs Godzilla  
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