Gozza Music Videos

Warriors Music Video

… With scratches by DJ V1rus. Mixed and Mastered by Pharlon for Bangtown Productions. Video by Swigz Sinatra in association with Gozza Filmz … from the Black Vinyl album.

Totally Insane
Totally Insane Music Video

… With Project Born and DJ V1rus. Special guest introduction by Bootleg of The Dayton Family … from the Black Vinyl album.

Shit Happens
Shit Happens Music Video

… Annoying everyday problems that everyone can relate to inspired this jam from the Scorpion Dragon 76 album.

What's Up Cool
What's Up Cool Music Video

… Straight out of a comic book and badder than Mr. T. Gozza's cooler than cool with this joint from Scorpion Dragon 76 album.

Bad Man
Bad Man Music Video

… A Seinfeld Tribute by Gozza & DJ Zac Carter. Word to George Costanza, it's a Festivus Miracle! From The Boom Box Incident album.

Zig-Zag Music Video

… Keep Rockin' with G-O-Double. Title track from the Zig-Zag album has Gozza paying homage to the Rock Gods and setting turntables on fire!

Here Comes Trouble
Here Comes Trouble Music Video

… Gozza's bringin' it back and killing it!! Flipping verbal gymnastics over this hard hitting beat … off the Here Comes Trouble album.

Flows Be Tight
Flows Be Tight Music Video

… The GozGod album is the result of two professional MCs joining forces. The chemistry is highlighted in this D-Fro directed video.

B-B Butcher
B-B Butcher Music Video

… Storming the castle for the renaissance of the real … epic solo-joint from the Artfull Dodgers Off The Credenza album.

Summer of 2012
Summer Blowout in July of 2012 Video

… Summer Blowout performance in Detroit, MI. Gozza destroying the stage delivering a collage of classic jams.